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Accelerate the formation of a new pattern of aluminum industry development


2020 is a special year. The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused an all-round impact on the global economy, and the aluminum industry has also been greatly affected. Under the unified command of the Party Central Committee and the deployment of relevant departments, my country's aluminum companies have "dual-line operations" to coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production. The epidemic prevention and control have achieved remarkable results, and production and operation have developed steadily, especially in the aluminum smelting industry. Driven by the continued structural reform policies, the industry as a whole has achieved profitability. However, the overseas epidemic continues to spread. Under the external environment of sluggish world economy, shrinking global market, and rising trade protectionism, various instabilities and uncertainties have increased significantly. The development of my country’s aluminum industry is also facing a series of new challenges. Problems and challenges.

In response to the new challenges facing China’s economic development, the Party Central Committee has proposed a major strategic plan for accelerating the formation of a "new development pattern with domestic and international double cycles as the mainstay". The aluminum industry should also adjust its focus to this In terms of the direction, we must closely follow the pace of macroeconomic regulation, accelerate the formation of a new strategic development pattern of "domestic and international dual cycle", firmly grasp the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand, make multi-party efforts to expand overseas markets, and make better use of domestic and international markets. , Two kinds of resources, better and faster to promote the high-quality development of China's aluminum industry.

   With the domestic big cycle as the main body, the first thing for the aluminum industry is to accelerate the expansion of the aluminum market. At present, my country is accelerating the construction of new infrastructure and deepening the development of major regional development strategies, which will generate a new round of stimulating effects on domestic investment and consumer demand. The aluminum industry must be good at seizing this opportunity to accelerate the development of new areas of aluminum application market.

  While building a new pattern for expanding the aluminum application market, we must also focus on two dimensions of expansion: one is the horizontal field; the other is the depth field.

  The horizontal field includes various new aluminum fields. For example, in recent years, the application of aluminum to wood, aluminum to steel, and aluminum to plastic, which have been promoted in the fields of transportation, construction, home furnishing, and packaging, has achieved remarkable results and has won the favor of consumers.

At present, my country has the world's most complete and largest industrial system, strong production capacity, and complete supporting capabilities. It has over 100 million market players and a large-scale domestic demand formed by 1.4 billion people including more than 400 million middle-income groups. The market is in the rapid development stage of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization, and the potential for future aluminum demand is still great. According to the current per capita aluminum consumption data in my country, there is still a big gap compared with developed countries in Europe and America. Relevant data show that China's per capita aluminum consumption in 2019 was 27.9kg, while the per capita aluminum consumption in the United States was as high as about 40kg. In 2016, the per capita aluminum consumption in Germany was about 42.1kg. It can be seen that my country’s per capita aluminum consumption market still has great potential, and my country’s aluminum industry should seize this opportunity to achieve rapid expansion of aluminum applications.

   In addition, it is necessary to extend the aluminum application market space in the depth field, strengthen the development of aluminum industry process technology, and break through the application bottleneck in the high-precision market. For many years, although my country has been a major aluminum producer and consumer country, it is not yet a strong aluminum producer. Many high-end applications of aluminum materials still need to meet demand through imported channels. Therefore, we must overcome difficulties, be brave and firm. Grasp the "bull nose" of technological innovation and open up the high ground of high-end aluminum application market.

  Expanding aluminum applications requires proactive actions and strategies, and cannot wait for it to happen. The aluminum application market is very wide, some areas have been developed, some areas are being promoted, and some areas have not been involved. For some unfamiliar application areas, we have to compare with the aluminum consumption market of developed countries in the world, actively seek the consumption gap, and be good at tapping the blue ocean of the aluminum application market.

   Another aspect is to broaden the export market channels and optimize the new pattern of international trade. Export is a growth pole that cannot be ignored in digesting domestic aluminum production capacity, and it is also a big stage to demonstrate the strength of my country's aluminum industry. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, my country’s aluminum products have frequently encountered foreign “dual reverse” investigations, but we should not lose confidence in the export market because of the “dual reverse” investigations initiated by individual countries on individual products. The striving spirit of "Bridge" has broadened the international trade channel of the aluminum industry, forming a new pattern of multi-point blossoming and blossoming, from bilateral trade to multilateral trade.

   Regarding the problems encountered during the export process, we can also adopt the strategy of avoiding peaks and valleys and taking detours to deal with them. For example, extending the industrial chain to process aluminum products into aluminum products that are required by the international market, or uniting with related engineering and technology companies to form an industrial chain alliance, or "bypassing" exports to third countries. Faced with the current relatively complex international trade environment, we must be good at handling differences that have arisen, and we must also be alert to hidden industry hazards that have not yet appeared. In short, the door of my country's reform and opening up is getting wider and wider, and my country's aluminum industry will also share the development dividend with colleagues in the world, so our trade market will only grow bigger.

In short, for the aluminum industry, we must clearly see the industry situation and carefully analyze the problems. We must not only have the overall sense of sharing the global economic industry chain, but also have the strength to master core technologies, and strive to cultivate new opportunities in the crisis. , Open a new game in the change. Facing unprecedented challenges, I believe that as long as we grasp the law of development, actively adapt to new developments and new changes, and accelerate the formation of a new development pattern of the aluminum industry, we will surely promote China's aluminum industry to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, achieve stability and achieve long-term development, and achieve high-quality development Create greater glories in the journey.