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Aluminum profiles usher in a period of rapid growth


The development of aluminum profiles in China started late and was mainly used in the military industry at the earliest. The real big development is after the reform and opening up, with the development of the private economy, aluminum profiles really entered the lives of ordinary people. After more than 30 years of development, China has now become the world's largest producer and consumer of aluminum profiles.

In recent years, due to rapid development, competition in the aluminum profile industry has intensified, and market demand has gradually become saturated. "In the past, aluminum profile consumer products grew at a double-digit rate every year, but this year began to decline." Chairman of Minfa Aluminum Huang Tianhuo said that the company now produces 150,000 tons of aluminum profiles annually, and digesting the new capacity will become a major goal.

   It is reported that traditional building construction formwork materials are generally divided into wood formwork, steel formwork and plastic formwork. In recent years, with the widespread application of aluminum profiles, the construction material market has become a piece of "fat" coveted by aluminum profile manufacturers, and many aluminum profile manufacturers are actively exploring new fields and new businesses.

   "In the field of aluminum for construction, the growth potential of traditional aluminum for doors and windows is not big, but the market for aluminum formwork for construction has huge potential." said Zhang Jilin, secretary general of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association.

  The aluminum formwork market is an emerging industry in construction materials, and it is still in its infancy. With the introduction of industry regulations, the emergence of national policies and leading enterprises, and the comprehensive cost advantages of aluminum formwork, the aluminum formwork market has entered a period of rapid growth.

  Use 60 times to recover the investment

According to expert analysis, aluminum formwork has the following advantages compared with other materials: first, light weight and convenient construction; second, simple disassembly and assembly, and high construction efficiency; third, long service life and high turnover; fourth, integrated design, High load-bearing capacity; Fifth, the construction quality is good, the concrete surface is smooth and clean, no secondary plastering is required, and secondary operations are reduced; Sixth, it is green and environmentally friendly, with more than 80% recycling. Experts pointed out that the current southern aluminum industry is generally optimistic about the prospects of aluminum templates.

   The reporter learned from a construction project manager in Quanzhou that the use of wooden formwork will produce a large amount of construction waste at the construction site, such as chainsaw debris, wood chips and other construction residues, which require a lot of manpower and financial resources to deal with. In addition, because the wooden formwork requires a woodworker with long-term experience to install, it is expensive to calculate with the carpenter team leader about 400-500 yuan per day and the small worker 250-350 yuan per day. The use of aluminum formwork for installation does not produce construction waste, nor does it require skilled workers. Ordinary employees can easily learn to assemble and disassemble, and do not need to use mechanical equipment to hoist. It can also avoid safety problems during the construction process and greatly shorten the construction period.

   In fact, aluminum alloy formwork has been used internationally for many years. Due to its many advantages, it has been widely welcomed by the construction department. As a new type of formwork system, aluminum alloy formwork quick release system has been applied for nearly 50 years since it was born in the United States in 1962. It has been widely used in buildings in developed countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as in emerging industrial countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, and India.

   It is understood that the aluminum alloy formwork with a higher initial investment can save labor, support, and wood, so that its use cost is roughly the same as that of the wooden formwork, and good benefits can be obtained through repeated turnover. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the aluminum alloy template can reach more than 300 times, and the investment can be recovered after 60 times of use. In addition, the residual value recovery rate can reach more than 80% of the raw material price.

  Quan Qi divides the food aluminum template market

With the development of China’s economy and the improvement of technological level, the application fields of aluminum profiles continue to expand to all aspects of the national economy, and the production technology of aluminum profiles continues to develop. Building aluminum profiles are becoming energy-saving, environmentally friendly, beautiful, practical and other functional areas. Expansion, the development of industrial aluminum profiles to the multi-purpose direction of high-precision industries.

   In recent years, the conditions for China's aluminum alloy template to enter the market have matured, and more and more aluminum profile manufacturers have entered the aluminum alloy template market. It is optimistic about this market share. As early as August 2014, Nanping Aluminum quickly promoted the aluminum alloy formwork project in view of the advantages of aluminum alloy formwork and entered the aluminum formwork market aggressively.

   In 2015, Minfa Aluminum successfully developed a complete set of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-performance aluminum alloy building templates, and began to enter the aluminum template market on a large scale. Despite the current economic downturn, the aluminum profile industry is facing considerable difficulties, but in Huang Tianhuo's view, this is an opportunity and hope for high-quality enterprises. The continuous elimination of backward production capacity through the survival of the fittest in the market is bound to bring development opportunities to high-quality enterprises. As the aluminum formwork business has certain customer stickiness, differentiation and entry barriers, its profitability is expected to be much stronger than that of aluminum profiles. It can be expected that, driven by the aluminum formwork project, the company's main business will return to growth.

   Currently, Vanke, Poly and other real estate companies have successively used aluminum templates produced by Minfa. Huang Tianhuo said that China's vast rural civil construction will be a huge market for aluminum formwork in the next step.